These glass sculptures can be viewed on location to experience their full impact. In addition, his commissioned work is presented as a reflection of his clients’ passions and as an enhancement to their home and workspace environment. Talk with Joseph and you will sense his depth of artistic expression on a deeply personal level, and know that your purchase will be a uniquely beautiful and meaningful acquisition.

Joseph Moscoso
Glass • Mirror • Mixed Media

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Delivery and Shipping

For each sculpture on an individual basis, Joseph will discuss the arrangements for delivery and installation of a sold sculpture.

If shipping is involved, the sculpture will be shipped at the expense of the client.

For personal delivery and installation, Joseph may charge a fee of an amount determined by the location of delivery within a reasonable local distance, and upon the size and make-up of each sculpture.

If arrangements are made for an art collector to remove a sculpture from the possession of Joseph or a gallery before a sale is final, the art collector assumes full responsibility for the piece during that time and until the sculpture is returned in its original condition.

Once sold, the sale is final, and no returns are accepted.