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In my heart now, kindness by example... intentional with purpose.

Elements of the Sea

Joseph Moscoso is honored that his glass sculptures are presented in a stunning exhibit entitled Elements of the Sea at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Joseph's sculptures are included in the selection of artwork from Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art's Signature Collection for this exhibit, which is scheduled to continue through April 30, 2016.

The Base for the Pearl


The 3/4 inch Starfire Glass hand polished and completed.


Paper pattern transfer upon 3/4 inch Starfire Glass. The line represent the upcoming progress of manual chipping.

Galá-Sá-Pillár / Oruga

Completed click here for more images
14in W x 14in H x 30in D, 30lbs


Dream Girl / Nura Nal

Click here to view completed in gallery.
28in H x 14in W x 7in D, 60lbs.

First Draft

This sculpture is a vision of the alter ego or the otherness of self, representing reflection vs. perception, as from the image in a mirror or a glimpse of another aspect of one’s personality, imagining unique variations of one’s being while honoring the closeness of relationship.

Wolf Moon

20in H x 8in W x 8in D, 25lbs.


Steel Pulse

Size and Weight 14in H x 24in W x 7in D, 30lbs.


Steel Pulse transforms into blue steel temporarily. Completed stage? Maybe. I still feel reverse movement may be necessary perhaps another few pounds, currently 27lbs.


Movement, reflection, and the imagination continues.


Movement, reflection, and the imagination begins.

This sculpture represents the strength of love depicted as a moving force emanating from the heart with a powerful rippling effect, and while sometimes illusory in its glow, its movement and reflection intrigues the imagination.

Charlie - Glass Meets Steel

Finished at 65 lbs. 28"x 28" by 12" h


This is a collaboration of steel artist Jim Marshall and glass artist Joseph Moscoso

Joseph’s comments on his glass work for this piece:

This was a challenge of love. My approach to this charming spider was best described as "POE", a Process of Elimination with color selection, size, and placement. “POE” included some dismantling and rebuilding to come to Charlie’s final presentation. Throughout this process I was very curious as to how the viewers’ perception of Charlie would lend to their own curiosity and imagination.


Upper and Under Armor Completed. Next Step: Filling in the Tail and Body Sections.


The under armor (tail & stomach) and the mouth section are now complete. The mouth section is made of different colors of glass protruding outward. Shown are two images, one from the top and one from the bottom, showing the under armor extending inward.


The under armor of the tail section is comprised of 11 sets of glass pieces projecting inwardly. Each set is made of 3 individual pieces of hand cut and polished edges. The first piece of glass is Spectrum Glass Spirit 4001. Layered on top is the second piece that is offset a bit, this glass is Spectrum 7-A. The third piece is offset a bit as well and is made of Domestic Clear Ice.